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1. Outline

?According to the international review conducted in 2019, the undergraduate program at the Department is comparable to the top 5 undergraduate programs in industrial engineering in the U.S., and the graduate (PhD) program to the top 20.

?Dr. Gavriel Salvendy, Professor of Industrial Engineering at Purdue University and Member of the United States National Academy of Engineering, was named chaired professor and founding department head. More than 80% faculty members have study or research experience in top universities in the U.S. and Europe.

?The department has adopted a new paradigm of engineering education with an emphasis on creativity and practical training through innovative teaching, and reconfigured the curriculum in accordance with the standards of top industrial engineering programs. 

?The department hosts workshops annually, built up the long-term international collaboration with well-known universities and companies.

?The department has initiated several joint international programs including the Tsinghua-Aachen joint Master of Science program and Tsinghua-Polimi Tech exchange program, with about 50 international students joining us every year. And a two-year, professional-orientated master’s program in Management Science and Engineering (Global Manufacturing) was started in 2009 for students with a special focus on the manufacturing industry in China.

?There are three research institutes: System Operation and Digital Management, Operations Research and Data Science, and Human Factors and Human-System Interaction. Major research areas include operations research, applied statistics, human factors and ergonomics, production systems engineering, supply chain management and logistics, enterprise integration and information system, service operations management, quality management and system support, and healthcare service management.  

Programs for International Students

Management Science and Engineering

(M)(D) (ED)

Global Manufacturing Program (MSE)


(M)–Master’s Programs (EM)- Master’s Programs in English (D)- Doctoral Programs (ED)- Doctoral Programs in English

2. Curriculum & Master Thesis

Master's Program in Global Manufacturing: 



Business & Culture

Global Manufacturing strategies

Manufacturing in China

Production Management

Innovative Product Design

International Logistics

E-commerce and Logistics Systems

Logistics in China

Ergonomics and Work Organization

Cross-culture Communication

Chinese History & Culture

Engineering and Technology Management

3. Competence after the program


International Student Manual

2020 Course List for Global Manufacturing Program and THU-Polimi Dual Degree Program

2020 Course List for Tsinghua-Aachen Double Degree Master Program



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